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Ordering a Butcher Block Countertop can be a daunting task… It doesn’t have to be! Here’s our step by step guide to successfully ordering your top. 

2" Walnut Tung Oil Finish

Would 1000% recommend anyone looking for a 1 of a kind counter to work with Walnut Wood Works. Everything was so easy and the staff was extremely helpful with all of the questions I had before my purchase. Counter was shipped when they said it would be and came on time. My wife and I are so happy with it, so worth the wait. Thanks you guys so much, hope we have the pleasure of doing business again soon.

We hand make every single top here in Middle TN from rough lumber to complete product. That means we can build to your exact specifications. So how do you get those specifications? Well….that depends.

If you’re simply replacing an existing countertop it’s pretty simple, just measure what you have as accurately as you can and you’re good to go.

If you are installing from scratch it’s still very easy but there’s a little more math (*gasp*) involved.

1) Start with the cabinets
You’ll want the overall length and width you want to cover with butcherblock.

2) Add your overhang.
Standard overhang is 1.5” on each side of the top. (Pro tip, just add 3” to the length and width if you need overhang on all sides)

If your top is an island or peninsula top you may want to add a seating overhang so go ahead and add that in there (standard is 11-12”).

3) Measure for a sink or range.
All we need to know for the sink or range is the model number and the placement. We need to know where precisely left to right it needs to go. (“Centered 48” from the left edge of the countertop”).

As the old saying goes “Measure twice, cut once”. Double check your measurements!

We’ll draw it all up to scale using CAD and send it over to your for approval before any cutouts are made. 

From there it’s just on to the final details like what wood species do you want? What thickness and what finish?

4) Place your order
Once all that’s done you can either order online, shoot us an email with your specs and we’ll send over an invoice, or give us a call and discuss and we’ll send an invoice your way. Feel free to call any time with any questions, we’re here to help. 

5) Sit back and relax
Once we have your order we’ll get to work on it. Our lead time varies (see the order form HERE for current lead time). Our team of craftsmen will grab your paperwork and cut, plane, join, glue, plane, sand, inspect, sand, CNC, sand, inspect and finish your top over the next few weeks. Feel free to check in any time for an update.

6) Prepare for shipment
Once complete we’ll build a big fancy wooden crate for your top (no cardboard boxes on a pallet here) and put it on an LTL Freight truck headed your way. We’ll send over a tracking number so you know when to expect it and it will be delivered to you curbside on a truck with a liftgate. (*If your top is over 8’ long be prepared to help the driver with a few people, it’s really tough for one guy to unload a 10’ 800lb countertop solo)

7) Install and Admire
Once removed from the crate just set your top in place and secure it from below following the instructions we emailed over when we shipped it to you. All that’s left then is to sit back and admire your (and our) handiwork! No need to “acclimate” or anything like that, it’s best to get it into a conditioned space and attached asap.

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