“Why are your prices so good?”

We get asked this a lot.
“Your price is better than all of my other quotes, should I be concerned?”

We’re a simple company with simple goals, we want to make an impeccable product and sell it for a fair price. 

About Us

We’re a simple company with simple goals, we want to make an impeccable product and sell it for a fair price.

I got into the Butcher Block Countertop business because I was tired of the high end furniture industry. With the low volumes in fine furniture it was impossible to make a fair living while keeping prices reasonable, it’s all about markup markup markup. You sell a story and attach a huge price tag to your work using the story as justification. The problem is because of how niche the market is for custom furniture you simply have to overprice it to make a living. I don’t like that and it makes me feel sleazy. So I started making a product that I could be proud of craftsmanship-wise and sell at a higher volume with a lower profit margin.

Fast forward a bunch of years and here we are still doing the same thing, it’s no longer just me we have a whole team of dedicated craftsmen but nothing else has changed. Our quality is as good or better than our competitors at a considerably lower price. We make the best countertops, shelves and brackets in the industry with a fair price. Our prices are the same across the board to every customer, we don’t do sales, we don’t do discounts, we keep our prices fair all the time. You won’t ever see us take a price increase unless we absolutely have to. We are 100% committed to making a product that we’re proud of and that you can be proud to have in your home.

You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) take our word for it. Do a little research, read reviews, compare prices, we’re confident you will wind up back here ordering from us. 

You won’t find a negative review anywhere (or anything less than 5 stars for that matter) and we’re proud of that. 

We stand by our products and customer service is the foundation of our business.
I won’t sit here and tell you we’re perfect because, as you’ve surely read by now, we are craftsmen and we make everything by hand with all the perks and pitfalls that that entails. We make mistakes now and then, we’re human! But we always acknowledge and rectify our mistakes and that’s what sets us apart from the competition. 

Only The Best For Your Home

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