We know we aren’t the cheapest brackets on the market. You can buy plenty of cheap knockoffs of our brackets these days from China as well as from competitors right here in the US.


So why should you choose Walnut Wood Works brackets for your project?

About Us

Take a few moments to read the following spiel and you can choose for yourself. We aren’t great salesmen here at WWW, we’ve got no desire to push you into anything, we prefer to let our products speak for themselves.

We’ve been making butcher block countertops for 15+ years. About 10 years ago we started getting requests for shelf sized butcher blocks for floating shelving. The problem was there wasn’t a bracket solution available that would support a solid Walnut or Oak shelf deep enough to hold dinner plates, glassware, wine bottles etc. So we set out to design and build our own.
Lots of R&D, lots of scrap metal and a whole bunch of time later and we’ve settled on a design that we not only manufacture and sell, but also use exclusively in thousands of our own solid wood shelves every year.
We make our brackets from Cold Rolled Steel with solid steel ¾” support rods.
Cold rolled steel is more uniform and stronger than hot rolled steel which leads to a stronger and less flexible backplate, which translates to a stronger shelf with more weight carrying capacity.

Our support rods are ¾” solid steel, not thin hollow tube. This allows us to get maximum weld area at the joint between the backplate and the rod, increasing the strength of the bracket as a whole.

Our Brackets are cut from large steel plates, not from bar stock. Because we cut all of our brackets we are able to put rounded edges on all the corners making for soft edges all the way around, not a big deal, but it sure is nice when you drop one and it doesn’t stab you in the foot or put a big gouge in your floor!
Our brackets are robotically TIG welded. TIG is the cleanest form of welding, no inclusion, no weak spots and no human error. We get consistent penetration and consistent strength on every bracket. 

All of our brackets are made in specially designed fixtures that hold the component parts square and true during the welding process, this means that you can rely on them all being square and uniform. Every time.

Our brackets are slotted , this allows the end user to tweak the side to side alignment of the shelf as needed. This doesn’t seem like a big deal until you mount 4 shelves on top of each other and find that the ends aren’t aligned perfectly, or you mount shelves that are supposed to sit flush to a cabinet and end up with a ⅛” gap. With our slotted brackets it’s as easy as pulling the shelf off, loosening the screws and sliding the bracket as needed.
This product is exactly as described, and definitely needed if you don’t have a drill press. They are a family company and made in the USA, so the quality is exceptional. The bit is super sharp, and cut right through the wood no problem. I had to make 12 holes at 6.25″ deep, and it still did great on the last one.

Our drill guide kit isn’t included free with every bracket like some of our competitors, why is that?
Well first, our Drill Guide Kit comes with a specially designed and manufactured drill bit that’s not only super sharp and optimized for deep boring in hardwoods, but also perfectly sized for our brackets. Our drill bit is .795” in diameter, which after extensive testing we have determined to be the ideal hole size for a ¾” rod in a floating shelf install. It’s big enough for the bracket to fit in easily and allow for a slight error in drilling the holes, but tight enough that it’s a press fit which keeps the shelf in place without any ugly set screws or permanent adhesive. Other companies recommend a 13/16 bit (not included) which frankly is just too big and makes for a loose shoddy fit that requires adhesives or screws to hold the shelf in place and promotes sag as the shelf doesn’t sit level on the rods.

Our Drill Guide Block is precision CNC machined from a solid block of steel to absurdly tight tolerances to make sure that every hole you drill is perfectly square to the surface of the shelf. It has an engraved center mark that’s also done by CNC so there’s zero guess work on where your hole goes, just align and drill. It’s also endlessly reusable, we use the same drill bits in our wood shop to drill thousands of holes.
Our Router Guide kit makes it easy to recess the back of your shelf, it’s manufactured from the same cold rolled steel as our brackets and comes with a nice share pattern router bit to cut a perfect recess for your new brackets.

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